We have a technical meetup scheduled for this coming Sunday, April 24.

We'll be talking about Docker and software containers. The emphasis will be on Linux and open source technologies.

After that we will discuss cloud providers and how to set up a cloud server. In particular, we'll discuss Amazon Web Services and DigitalOcean.

We're getting together this coming Sunday, April 10, for an Hour of Code open session. Do come and bring your kids to learn some basic software programming concepts. We'll be meeting at our Concord space.

Please bring your own laptop or tablet computer. Kids will be able to choose any code.org lesson such as Minecraft, Frozen, Star Wars, Angry Birds or Plants vs Zombies. Please RSVP or private message with kids ages and names so we can set them up with a login. We will try to bring spare laptops or tablets but let us know if you would need an extra.

We're having a meetup on Sunday, November 8, at 2:00 PM, at our usual place: 3578 Clayton Rd, Concord, CA.

Ever wanted to install and use Linux? Got an old laptop that you want to breathe new life into?  Well then this event is for you, no matter what your tech level is!

Come join us and some of our resident Linux experts in this hands-on install fest. We will walk you through the installation and initial configuration of Linux, and answer any questions you may have while we do it.

We will have Linux install media on hand.  All you need to bring is the old laptop or computer that you wish to install it on, we'll show you how!

Laptop/Computer Requirements:

Just about any laptop manufactured in the last ten years or so should do it (the newer the better though), but in general the specs you want are:

  • 1Ghz or better CPU, either 32 or 64 bit would work. Single or multi-core is fine, AMD or Intel.
  • At least 512Mb of RAM, though more is better.
  • 5Gb of hard drive space, once again, more is better.
  • Either a DVD drive, or the ability to boot from USB devices, such as a thumb drive.

Some things to note:

If you are unsure if your old laptop meets the requirements, then go ahead and post the make/model in the comments when you RSVP and someone can look it up for you and let you know.

A laptop would be better than a desktop due to our limited space and power in the room. However, if you do bring a desktop, please make sure to bring everything you need for it (mouse, keyboard, cables, monitor etc.) and we'll do our best to accommodate it.

You'll want to bring a laptop that does not have any data on it that you care about, as we will be wiping the hard drive when we do the install.

If you don't have an old laptop or desktop, but are ok with buying one for this, then take a look at Ebay or Craigslist. There are some great deals on there, something in the $100 - $200 range would suffice. Try to avoid old Mac hardware in this price range as they may not be Intel based and could pose an issue with our install methods and distros.

If there is a specific Linux distribution you want to install while here, please feel free to mention it when you RSVP, and we'll accommodate it.

We're having a meetup on Sunday, March 20, at 2:00 PM, at our usual place: 3578 Clayton Rd, Concord, CA.

We're going to discuss:

  1. Future Events -- if you have an idea, please bring it. Also consider if your event will need supplies. If you bring along a shopping list, we can order stuff to have at the event.
  2. Let's talk about how to make progress towards getting a hackerspace home that's exclusively ours.

As always, we're in Building B across the parking lot from the church building at Bethel.

We had a great meeting on 8/30. Our goal was to make progress towards better wireless reception in our meeting space and to have some educational opportunities while doing that. We haven’t finished the work yet. Everyone is welcome to come when we pick it up; that will be this coming Sunday, 9/13. We’ll be sharing the space with people doing other fun stuff: lock picking play (adult-ish), and snap circuit games (kids and adults).

Jarrod lead the group. He brought wire, tools, an access point, and a server. We made good progress on the physical labor.

  1. off to the store to buy stuff
  2. back to the store to buy the stuff missing
  3. into the attic and up onto the ladder to get the wiring run from the Astound ISP entry point to the equipment in our space
  4. into the closet to set up the server rack

Jarrod spent a lot of time relaxing in, what he called, a 95 degree attic. Will set up and jammed our new computer rack into the server closet. I think Bryan joined him in the attic; he definitely spent some time on the ladder enjoying the view.

Joseph did one of the runs to the store, but also worked (along with Jeff), on other things. I'm not sure what they were doing, but I think it was related to kid activities. (The space does multi-task.)

Ultimately, we were stuck for lack of a taller ladder. Once we get one, we will finish up the wiring and move on to the more technical aspects of the project. That will include the fun-filled setup of the firewall. We'll force Jarrod to let us watch. I'll do a Jarrod-reviewed post of the details of the setup once we're done with everything. Hopefully that will be soon, unless stymied by the ladder situation.

You can probably tell I wasn't paying that much attention to resource allocation during the day. I've procrastinated so long on reporting all this that I didn't want to take the time to research the facts.

Jarrod, relaxing with his little friend
Jarrod, relaxing with his little friend
Bryan, flexing his tools
Bryan, flexing his tools
Will, stuffing the rack into the closet
Will, stuffing the rack into the closet
Jeff, deep in thought
Jeff, deep in thought
Joseph, recovering from an intense trip to Fry's
Joseph, recovering from an intense trip to Fry's
Bryan, the task master
Bryan, the task master
Parrot overseers
Parrot overseers