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This is the discussion group for East Bay Hackers, and the proposed Contra Costa County hackerspace.
  1. MACH 925 - March, April, beyond?

    I'm still buried at work through the end of March Theatre is open and available for any Sunday right now, we just need to move and reserve time March (any Sunday) April Sundays 16 (easter), 23, April Sat. 29 Please let me know ASAP if you'd like to host something or get together so I can
  2. Event tomorrow

    If anyone planning to host a station can't make it tomorrow please let me know! WiFi is up and running in the space, so for any future meetings at B8 we just need to work around the production schedule, but we have access to the space, no contract yet, they just closing their first show tonight
  3. follow ups from last mtg (501c3, email list)

    Mailing list - do we need a separate board only email list or thread? For our general email list do we want to use this google group or does anyone else have a service they've used? I'm on Mailman and Mailchimp lists, or we can rely on meetup. Mailchimp may give us a little more ease of use
  4. Wave Internet Fail

    So, Wave came out to our site and did an installation check. They said it would be fine to install at the B8 Theater, but when the actual installer came out he determined it would need quite a lot of work. So... we can't get Wave. My next option would be Comcast, I guess, which doesn't
  5. MACH 925 2016.11.20 meeting - Invitation to comment

    I've shared an item with you: MACH 925 2016.11.20 meeting It's not an attachment -- it's stored online. To open this item, just click the link above. Attached are the minutes